From: (Johann Opitz)

IL: Police to videotape protesters

Chicago police are expected to videotape anti-globalization demonstrators today under intelligence-gathering powers they have regained from the courts after a two-decade ban. ... The department can save photos of demonstrators to prepare for future protests, which was not previously allowed, Rosenthal said. ... Rosenthal said officers are allowed to sit in on demonstrators' meetings with the approval of a commander and the department's general counsel, Karen Rowan--as long as they don't actively pretend to be members of the group. If officers pretend to be demonstrators to infiltrate the group, they must obtain permission from police Supt. Terry Hillard, as well as Rowan. Hillard also must approve any electronic surveillance, Rosenthal said. ...

CA: Local high school student arrested for hate crime

A 14 year old high school student was arrested for a racially motivated assault on another student. Students at Yucca Valley High School say racial tensions on campus are at an all-time high. ... Police say a fight broke out on campus Wednesday between two Yucca Valley High School girls. One girl is white, the other is black. The fighting was mutual, but police say the white student has a history of harassing the black student, calling her racial slurs and throwing things at her in the classroom. Investigators also say witnesses heard the white girl yelling racial insults while the girls were fighting. Now police are charging the white student with a hate crime. That makes the assault charges against her a felony offense.

[It's a "hate crime" to call a black person a name they call each other, but not a "hate crime" to force white women to have sex and then shoot them in the head in a field of snow after robbing them blind. Makes perfect sense to LIBERALS.]


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